Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twilight Saga Vampire Eyes Tutorial

Here's a neat trick to turn your image vampire worthy, at least with Twilight standards. :P

I cropped the image to avoid fan girls swooning.

1. Open an image you want to edit & Duplicate the image, go to Layer>Duplicate Layer

2. Create a new Layer (Ctrl+Shft+N) name it Highlight on top of the duplicate.

3. Click the elliptical marquee tool and select the iris area. Choose a bright yellow foreground color, i used #f7ff21. Then switch to the Paint Bucket Tool (G) and fill the circle.

4. Set the Blending mode of the Layer to Overlay, click the Eraser Tool and choose a soft round brush and gently erase the center portion of the circle to show the pupil and soften the edges of the circle as well.

If you think the Iris is still not bright enough, then simply duplicate the Highlight layer and it'll double the brightness.

5. Last step is to create an adjustment layer, go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map> click OK then Select the Black & White color. Set the Blending Mode of the Layer to Multiply.

And here we have the twilightified eyes.


Anonymous said...

wow. amazing...

Anonymous said...

I suppose the gradient layer isn't part of making the eyes "twilightified" (lookin at dork's dictionary for that word) but to give the picture "blending in the dark" feel to it

areapal said...

thats nice work from graphic cult. that better vampire design which i've seen past

Anonymous said...

what version of photoshop are you using? step 4 - 5 aren't working at all... where, specifically, can I find this parts "Set the Blending mode of the Layer to Overlay" , "Set the Blending Mode of the Layer to Multiply.".... please expand some instructions.Maybe this are just version issues.
Thanks,, keep it up..

Don said...

Hi, i'm using CS3. You can change the blending mode by clicking on the drop down menu of the Layer window, just below the layer tab. It's set to "Normal" by default, you should see a bunch of options there, i.e. Dissolve, Darken..etc..

On the screenshot on step 4, you can see the drop down menu i'm referring to, the one that says "Overlay".

Hope this helps!

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