Saturday, September 5, 2009

Liquify Filter Tools

One of the most commonly used image manipulation tools in Photoshop is the Liquify Plug-in. It features 8 different image-distortion tools. Let me demonstrate the effects of these tools by using this sexy image of Megan Fox (wink, wink).

If you want to tag along, open an image in PS then go to Filter>Liquify or press Shift+Ctrl+X.

Here are the Liquify Tools:

Wrap Tool - Freehand distortion

Turbulence Tool - Ripple effect

Twirl Clockwise/Counter-clockwise - Self explanatory

Pucker Tool - Shrinking effect

Bloat Tool - again, self-explanatory

Pixel Shift - Compresses the image to the left while
pressing downwards, to the right if otherwise

Reflection Tool - self-explanatory

So now you know how fashion magazines make their models super skinny, just remember not to overuse it. =) And that's a wrap!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Atheist, a Christian & a Scientologist

I just wanna share this hilarious comic strip from Dueling Analogs.

Why can't we just get along?! LoL.

Power Puff Girls Anime Manga Version

I haven't been that prolific lately so i wanted to post something special. I spent an hour thinking of something interesting but to no avail. I ended up eating and sat down with my younger sister who was watching the Power Puff Girls, this got me thinking... what would they look like when they're all grown up??

I wanted a fight scene, but i just went ahead and drew whatever was on top of my head, so below was the sketch that i did, it's and overgrown Mojo Jojo gripping a post-pubescent Blossom.

I scanned it and spent 2 hours coloring and adding some details.

And below is the finished product, click image below to view it full size.

And that's it for this post! See yah!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Make Your Own Caricature Part I

Photoshop Caricature Tutorial
In this tutorial i'll share some basic tips on making your very own caricature. The primary tool that we'll be using is the Pen Tool one of the most powerful tools in PS, you may also refer to this article for further reading.

1. Create a new file and paste the portrait you want to draw. For this tutorial i'm using Megan Fox!
2. Adjust the opacity to 50% (upper right of the image below).
3. Select the Brush Tool (B) and choose the Hard Round Brush, size 5px.
4. Create a New Layer on top of it (Ctrl+Shft+N), you can name it Trace, because that's what we'll be doing, tracing the portrait down to the smallest details.
5. Select the Pen Tool (P) and start tracing, after you finish tracing a certain part, right-click then select Stroke Path, make sure Simulate Pressure is checked, then click OK.
6. Continue tracing the other parts, some parts require bolder lines, so switch back to the Brush Tool and change the size of the brush, after that go back to the Pen Tool and trace again.

It may not look much in the beginning, but as you go on and add more details, it'll start resembling your subject.
If you want a more detailed tutorial in using the Pen Tool, Click here.
7. Here's how it'll look like once you finish tracing all the parts of the face.
Remember to include the distinguishable marks (mole, wrinkles, clef chin, etc.), so that it'll look more identical to the person you're drawing.

Below are the different brush sizes i used for tracing various parts of the face.
Here's the half-finished product:
So that's it, basically what we did was to make a blueprint of our caricature. On the second part of this tutorial, we'll start with the coloring. Till then!


Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Design

Here's a recent project i just finished. I designed this menu for a steakhouse, the color palette is based on the interior of the restaurant, which is rust & brown.

The Clipping Mask tool came in handy with this project, 'coz all i had to do was determine the placement of the panes and i just clipped pics to each pane so that i can easily move it without distorting the entire layout.

The best part of this project was eating/tasting everything that's in the menu which were all DEEElicious!! Perks y'all!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amazing Motion Sculptures

These amazing sculptures are by Peter Jansen, European artist extraordinaire. His sculptures depict the human body in motion.

Thomas Flair



Pretty neat huh?! For more of his works, visit his online portfolio here.

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