Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Isolate Specific Color Shades in Photoshop

In this post i'll teach how to isolate specific colors using the Color Range feature in PS. Like the posters below of the movie The Spirit, you notice that shades of red are emphasized on an otherwise black&white photo.

1. Open the image you want to edit.

2. Go to Select>Color Range>Click Reds on the drop down box.

3.It'll automatically highlight the areas which is of the specific color shade you chose.
4. Copy & Paste (Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V), it should create a new layer. Click the base layer (Layer 1) and go to Image>Adjustment>Desaturate (Ctrl+Shft+U).

Just flatten the image, Layer>Flatten Image then adjust the contrast to get the desired effect. And there you have it!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Link Exchange


Chibibo- Portfolio and Blog - Chibibo is a portfolio of T-Shirt Designs and a Blog of various articles in regards to Technology, Health and Softwares.

Demilane - A Blog of Rogelio Calamaya

IT Support Services - Outsourced IT management services from Managed Networks.

If you're interested in exchanging links with GraphiCult, please comment on this post with your site Name, URL & description and post a reciprocal link to my website in your links page.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inglourious Basterds Movie Poster Effect Tutorial

I'm an avid fan of Quentin Tarantino films, and i wouldn't wanna miss Inglorious Basterds once it hits the cinemas here in PH, it's topbilled by Brad Pitt & Diane Kruger. For more info on the movie, click here. Anyway, let's go on with the tutorial..

I really like the grungy look on these promotional teaser-posters and it's not that hard to achieve this effect.

The above images are a copyright the Weinstein Company

Let's start off with the raw materials, i got these images from stock.xchng which offers free stock images.

Concrete background:

Splatter effect:
1. Create a New File, with the Concrete image as your background and the Splatter effect on top of it. Change the blending mode of the Splatter layer to Darken (highlighted below) and change the Hue/Saturation (Ctrl+U), see settings below.
2. Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map, click OK (Step 1 on the image below) and Select the Black,White gradient (Step 2), click OK then make sure the Blending Mode is set to Multiply. (This layer should be on top of the Splatter Layer).
3. Create a new Layer(Ctrl+Shft+N), select the Gradient Tool (G) and following the settings highlighted below. Click on the center then drag the pointer to get the effect below. Set the Blending option of this Layer to Overlay.
4. Create another Layer, and Select the Brush tool and choose the Rough Round Brush Tool, lower the opacity, you may follow the settings below. Paint on the Layer randomly, particularly on the sides.

5. Go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur, set the angle to 90 & distance to 500+.
6. Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise>Set the Amount to 60%+, make sure Monochromatic is checked.
7. And We're Finished! You just need to add your cropped pic above the 1st gradient Layer.


And that's the end of this tutorial! Hope you liked it :)


Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Shirt Design for DBH

I made another entry for DBH. The inspiration for this design, believe it or not, is a sliced onion, 'twas supposed to look something similar to this:

But i just couldn't help it, i duplicated the layers, changed the blending modes, altered the composition, etc. and i ended up with something that looks like an xray. hehe.

Speed of Light

Art should be spontaneous right?!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Venezuela Wins Miss Universe 2009

Ms. Venezuela, Stefanía Fernández is the new Miss Universe, crowned on August 23 in the Bahamas. Venezuela is the first country to win the coveted title back-to-back!


Check out her Wiki page here.


Free Favicon Host :

Having a unique favicon is significant since it serves as the identifier of your website, especially when your site's bookmarked. Blogger has this default favicon that i was planning to change since last week, but i just couldn't find a free file host that supports .ico files.

For those who aren't familiar with what a favicon is (i just knew about it 2 weeks ago, hehe), it's the small icon on the tab or address bar before the page title.

If you're like me who relies on free webhosting, ICONJ is the answer. Just create a favicon and save it as a jpg file or any common image format (gif, png), upload it and they'll convert it to .ico, and they even host the file for free! The best part is you don't need to sign-up, it's so good & easy i just had to blog about it! ;)

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