Sunday, August 9, 2009

15 Funniest Photoshop Disasters

I have to admit that i've done photoshop goofs in the past, that's why i try my best to have a keen eye on details, otherwise it may result into a disaster as seen evident in this post.

Here are my favorites from the Photoshop Disaster Blog.

1. Now this is REAL advertising.

2. Ring bearer_check, Flower girl_check, Bridesmaid_check... Right arm_ _ _MISSING!

3. Stefan chopped Evelyn's right shoulder to get a better view of the background.

4. Who needs a brain when you're a model?

5. It's behind you! The offspring of Chuckie!

6. Is it just me or is she missing a chunk of her left leg?

7. What can be more relaxing than seing two sunsets at the same time.

8. Maybe she's double jointed.

9. I didn't know stilts are in fashion.

10. They're Old & Creepy, never mind the hands.

11. Reminds me of my childhood days.

12. By using this product, amputees can grow their limbs back.

13. I'm HOT! who cares if i look like a giraffe.

14. As simple as cut & paste.

15. WTF!? Seriously, WTF?!

See more disasters here.


Lito Munoz said...

hahaha bueng! sure ka ani? hahaha

lionel0008 said...

OMG. I can't believe some of them got published into magazines.

Biggieboo said...



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