Monday, November 9, 2009

Government Ad Photoshop Disaster

For quite some time i've been noticing these ads in Yahoo!, not surprising since it'll be election season next year. It looks like the gov't has been spending some money on online advertising, whatta way to spend public funds, as if we're not gorged already with all those Ads we see on TV. Anyways, i think they should fire their Graphic Artist. Look at the Ad below, both the old man and Pres. Arroyo are looking at diff. directions, and what's with the fake smile Madame Pres?

Another ad.. the same fake smile.

And I find it funny how the headline below is juxtaposed with the Ad.

I'll be practicing my right to vote for the first time next year and I do hope it goes to someone worth it, i don't want to settle for the lesser evil or lesser the good.

AKO MISMO ang SIMULA! L.o.L. Although they (ABS-CBN) have an obvious presidential bet, i like their tagline.

Let's Vote Younglings!

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