Sunday, September 13, 2009

South Park Less Toony Version

Here's a really cool artwork depicting the South Park kids in a less cartoony fashion. I wasn't able to find the source though, one link led to another and so on (you know how it works).

click to enlarge

I haven't watched the series yet, since it's unavailable through cable TV. Though back in high school i was able to watch the movie, and it was knockout funny! So, here are the characters & their less toony versions:

Who's your fave character? My vote goes to Kenny! Don't ask why. =)


I found two more versions which are as awesome as the ones above!

South Park Anime

South Park in Real Life


Angel of Mayhem said...

This is cool! :P I haven't been an avid follower of this series but whenever i get a chance to watch it, i always end up laughing my ass off! I wonder how the series would go with it remade in a less cartoony feel.. :P

btw, i just chanced upon your site from PBA, nominated kasi to.. :P I'll be a subscriber now.. :P

Don said...

Thanks dude!

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