Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miracle Photoshop Makeover : Madame Auring

Where do i even start? Well i was hoping to do some photo retouching and i scavenged for pictures that will provide me the challenge, i stumbled on a rare gem, Madame Auring! Don't ask me how!

I thought it would be easy, but it turned out otherwise. I stared at her pic for an hour figuring what do with her face, it seemed like a lost cause, and yes it was! Whatever PS tool or feature i used were useless against her natural (in this case unnatural) appearance.hehe

Here's the before & after:

I made her nose look normal, but it didn't real do anything.

If you ask me, if i went any further, she'll end up looking like Mystica. LoL

And whaddya know, they're friends! Explains a LOT! Maybe they trade beauty secrets.

I guess we'll just have to admit that some things are better left untouched.

P.S. She looks like one of the Jacksons nuhh?!
(RIP Michael)


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