Friday, August 21, 2009

20 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Here's a compilation of various wedding cake toppers, from the good, the bad, the weird & the ugly. Would you like any of these crowning your wedding cake?

1. Asian Wedding Topper

2. Beach Wedding Topper

3. Groom Dragging the Bride Topper

4. Psychotic Bride Topper

5. Upper East-Siders Topper

6. Family Guy Topper

7. Hikers Topper

8. Lego Couple Topper

9. Undercover Agents Topper

10. Red Necks Topper

11. Rockers Topper

12. Steam Punk Topper

13. Indian Couple Topper

14. Naughty Couple Topper

15. Zombie Kids Topper

16. Scottish Couple Topper

17. Gay Couple Topper

18. Goth Cake Topper

19. Mr. & Mrs. Smith Topper

20. Chuckie's Bride Topper

Hope you enjoyed this list!


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